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Three-part Set

Three-part Set

Super charge your reef's growth with our three-part supplement line!

NEW: Try our brand new all-in-three blend! This blend includes fluoride, bromine, calcium, chrome, cobalt, manganese, copper, nickel, zinc, barium, iron, potassium, iodide, and magnesium.

Why you should buy three-part instead of regular two part?

The magnesium supplement can help to maintain the ionic balance (ratio of SO₄²- & Cl-) of your reef tank water.

The set includes:

(1) 1L concentrated alkalinity supplement for 1 gallon dosing.

(1) 1L concentrated calcium chloride (with minor, trace element supplement and carbon dosing source) for 1 gallon dosing.

(1) 1L concentrated magnesium supplement (ratio of MgSO₄ & MgClsame as natural sea water) for 1 gallon dosing.


  1. Put each 1L supplement into a clean and dry 1 gallon container.
  2. Add RODI water into the container until the total volume is 1 gallon.
  3. Do the same for the other 2 part to make three 1 gallon supplements for dosing.
  4. Start dosing 3-part to your reef tank to help pH boost and coral growth!


  • Product is not for human consumption!
  • Contents will be HOT when mixing!
  • Alkalinity supplement contains lye (NaOH) -- wear gloves when handling!
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