DOA Policy

We firmly believe that your success is our success, and want to give our customers the highest degree of confidence possible when purchasing from us. In this spirit, we offer full protection for seven days.

We are confident in the health of our livestock, and we will issue store credits for any coral that does not make it to a week after delivery. All we ask is that you send a picture of the coral to, and we will issue you a store credit for the coral, or a replacement (up to our discretion, but with your happiness in mind).

Our DOA policy may be voided if:

  • The coral is neglected, mutilated, or otherwise harmed intentionally by the customer
  • The coral is removed from the plug we supply within the DOA policy timeframe (clipping the base of the plug is still acceptable).

Because we cannot know what types of dips are being used, we reserve the right to void our DOA policy if the coral is subjected to harsh dips or other chemical treatments. We respect your right to dip corals, but we do ask you wait at least 24 hours to do so, especially for more delicate corals such as acropora. We will include an acclimation guide with your shipment, and hope you will follow it when acclimating your new corals to your display.

Please review our shipping policy for restrictions.