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Rhodomonas salina

Rhodomonas salina


Salt water (1.0263g or 35ppt), live phytoplankton - Rhodomonas salina.


•  Nutritional Powerhouse:  Rhodo is rich in fatty acids, amino acids, probiotics, and various vitamins. This rich blend provides a direct food source for corals, enhancing their growth and promoting vibrant coloration, especially due to pigments like phycoerythrin.

•  Zooplankton Feast: Rhodo serves as a prime food source for copepods, rotifers, and other zooplankton. This thriving population, in turn, becomes a food source for corals and filter feeders.

•  Nutrient control:  Consumes nitrates and phosphates, helps to balance those level in aquarium.

Feeding Targets:

Non Photosynthetic Corals, Clams, Copepods, Rofiders, Oysters and other Filter-Feeders.

Storage Instructions:

Keep bottle refrigerated when not in use. Shake bottle every 2-3 day to keep living cells in suspension.

Feeding Guidelines:

  1. Shake bottle before use.
  2. Shut off return pumps, skimmers and UV Sterilizers for 20 min after dosing phytos.
  3. Could be broadcast feeding, drip feeding or target feeding. Can be combined with frozen or powedered feeds.
  4. Recommend broadcast feeding amount: 3ml/ gallon. Ex. A 100 Gallon (total water volume) tank, recomend add 100G x 3ml/G= 300ml Total Check out our blog post for step by step Phyto Culturing Instruction!  

Want to grow them at home? Follow these instructions to get started!

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