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Cobalt Supplement

Cobalt Supplement

While there are still many unknowns about trace and minor elements and the role they play in our reef aquariums, it has been demonstrated that cobalt plays a vital role in "Vitamin B12 redox reactions, methylations, nutrient for algae" (Balling, 2008).

Our supplements are available in three concentrations: 1 drop for 5 gallons, 1 drop for 10 gallons, and 1 drop for 20 gallons. These doses may be safely doubled if you have a refugium, and may be further increased with careful observation and testing. Here it is important to note, we are speaking in gallons of water, not gallons of aquarium volume. A good rule of thumb is to take your display volume and your sump volume, add them and subtract 20%. For example, we have a 260 gallon display and a 60 gallon sump. This sums to 320 gallons, so we use 256 gallons as our water volume.

It may seem strange that these different concentrations have the same price, but the real source of cost is not the salt itself. The bottle, the time it takes to carefully measure the salts so that the amount of salt added is within ±0.1 mg, adding stabilizers, and sending our RODI water through extra purification stages (including a UV sterilizer) to ensure we have the highest purity possible without a lab environment.

We use these elements daily to grow our corals, and firmly believe they contribute to our success. Give it a try on your aquarium and let us know what you think!

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